Suno announces V3, a major upgrade for its AI music generator

Suno V3 is the latest version of the Suno platform for music generation and comes with several enhancements and new features. It provides better sound quality during both the generation process and in the final mp3 download. Additionally, it allows for extended max clip length of two minutes.

A notable feature of Suno V3 is its more “emotive” voice, which adds a greater depth of feeling to the music created. Additionally, it offers more styles and genres and better alignment with user prompts.

Suno provides a range of subscription options, including a free plan that enables music creation while restricting its use for commercial purposes.

Suno AI V3 is currently in its Alpha testing phase and is available exclusively to Pro and Premier subscribers here. A full version is expected to be released in the future.

What is Suno?

Suno is an AI tool that allows users to create music with minimal musical knowledge. It’s like a “ChatGPT for music” where you provide text prompts describing the desired sound and Suno generates an original song complete with lyrics, vocals, and instrumentation.

Suno uses two AI models: Chirp and Bark.

  • Chirp is designed for creating instrumental backing tracks. It interprets the text prompts to create the melody and harmony that form the foundation of a song.
  • Bark focuses on generating vocals and other audio elements that can accompany the instrumental tracks created by Chirp.

Suno produces a complete musical piece, with Chirp laying down the instrumental base and Bark adding the vocal textures. They convert user-provided text prompts into songs that reflect the desired mood, theme, or story without requiring any musical or technical skills.

Suno encourages users to share their creations, connect with the music enthusiasts, and contribute to a growing repository of AI-generated music.

Its co-founders Shulman, Freyberg, Georg Kucsko, and Martin Camacho, all machine-learning experts, worked together until 2022 at Kensho Technologies, a Cambridge company focused on finding AI solutions to complex business problems.

Suno V3 Alpha features

  1. faster song generation
  2. specialized instrumental features: specialized support for creating instrumental tracks, ensuring that the musical accompaniment to songs is of high quality
  3. expanded language support: the platform now supports additional languages
  4. continue from anywhere: this enhancement allows users to pick up the song creation process from any point in a previously generated song, even if it was created with an earlier version of the software (V2), ensuring compatibility and continuity in the creative process

Getting started with Suno V3 Alpha

To participate in testing V3 Alpha you must go to Suno’s Creation Page. Click on “Make a song” at the top right corner to create an account.

Suno provides users with 50 credits per day for free. A single song generation costs 10 credits. Should you require additional credits, consider subscribing to the Pro Plan at $8 monthly for 2,500 credits, or opt for the Premier Plan to receive a monthly quota of 10,000 credits.

Getting started with Suno V3 (source: project page)

Once logged in, you’ll find three options on the left side: “Explore” to browse the song library, “Create” to start crafting your own song, and “Library” to see your saved creations. You have 2 ways to create music:

  • Describe your desired music: tell Suno what kind of music you want by describing the style (e.g., pop, rock) or mood (e.g., upbeat, melancholic). It will then generate two short song variations complete with lyrics, vocals, and instrumentals.
  • Start with lyrics: for those who have their own lyrics, it can create a song around them. You can write your own lyrics, use the “make random lyrics” in various languages.
Browsing the song library in Suno V3 Alpha (source: project page)

You can switch from V2 to V3 Alpha in the settings. If you wish to revert to V2 at any point during the alpha phase, simply switch back.


The release of Suno V3 improves its music generation by bringing new features and better performance. It also allows audiences to participate in music creation during live performances and through social media.

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